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The Sunny Side
Yoga + Community

1906 N Hamilton St, Unit E
Richmond, VA 23230

Plenty of free parking.

Fresh outside air (weather permitting) and air purifier.
So grateful for this place and the amazing women who are the instructors. Such a great atmosphere and inspiration to practice any level of Ashtanga. Truly a gem💎.
Louise Mason
January 9, 2023.
Superior ashtanga yoga instruction, convenient classes and a really nice studio!
Rob Martin
January 9, 2023.
This is the place to go in Richmond for Mysore style ashtanga yoga. The teachers are very experienced and sensitive, meeting students where they are, always encouraging and thoughtful. This place is also a supportive and inclusive community.
Miriam McCormick
January 8, 2023.
The Sunny Side is a welcoming and supportive studio. Gina and Mandie are great teachers and they’ve given me a yoga practice that’s tailored to me. I can do this practice anywhere but I love coming into the studio for the community feel and extra motivation.
Mary Wood
January 8, 2023.
I love practicing at the Sunnyside. It is a beautiful, intimate space that embodies community. A place that knows its niche, it is THE place to learn or continue your Mysore ashtanga practice. Inviting, welcoming, and full of care. Gina and Mandie embody the teacher role.
Hazel Witch Farm
January 8, 2023.


Gina Romagnoli

Mandie Williams