Gina Romagnoli

After many years, I continue to find new ways of approaching and experiencing the Ashtanga practice, through aging and injury and through life’s ups and downs, both as a student and teacher. The Mysore style of teaching Ashtanga yoga one on one, in a group setting allows me to get to know each student personally and tailor a safe practice for them, that fits into their current life and health circumstances.

I aim to help students find the physical balance between their natural strength and flexibility and this often trickles into finding a mental balance between the two. The student-teacher trust grows, as does a student’s trust in themselves, so the practice becomes one’s own little experiment.

I approach teaching and practicing yoga as I do life, with humility, curiosity, compassion, an open mind, and a sense of humor, coming from a down to earth and realistic perspective that yoga practice cannot solve all of one’s problems, but it can sure help you find a little balance along this crazy journey of life.