What happens in nature echoes within us. Early spring has arrived and we are shifting our focus from the dormancy of winter to the growth and renewal of spring. Spring draws up our energy reservoir from deep within, hopefully a storage that we built up through rest in winter, this gentle stirring is a reminder that our bodies are part of this earth.

To start this transition we will first focus on our practice. Spring is the season to MOVE. We are looking to re-energize the body after the slowness of the winter months. Winter naturally builds accumulation of rain and snow, as the season shifts and warms this build-up starts to melt away. We too have this shift occurring within us, movement is our way of aiding the body’s natural rhythm of releasing winters accumulation. We can think of this time of transition as spring cleaning. Spring cleaning goes beyond our physical environment. During this season it’s important to address any repressed desires, emotional needs, and pain that arises. 

Yoga is an ideal practice for spring, using our time on the mat to invite in change that this season has to offer. In our practice we will move with a little more vigor to incorporate more cardio to help get our blood pumping.  Our liver will also be in our focus this season, as such we will incorporate postures that help to revitalize and gently stimulate this vital organ.  Our lymphatic system will also be in focus, incorporating gentle inversions and deep breathing to help keep this system fluid and release winter build up. 

If you find yourself feeling stagnant this season look for ways to incorporate movement in your life. Coming to your mat in yoga is one way but there are many others. Finding ways to use your senses to take in the season while finding movement is ideal. Nature walks are a great way to move the body gently while using your senses to stay connected to the world around you. While you walk, notice the quick daily shifts of  life stirring around you. Taking time to notice the growth in plants, listening intently to the songs of the birds and the wind in the treetops, feeling into your feet with each step, the support of the earth below you.  Yoga and nature walks are a great way to remind yourself that change is ever present and you too are changing with the season.