When we find balance in winter, we move through the season with a sense of ease. We embrace the slowness of the season and incorporate inward-focused practices into our routine. Just like water, when we find balance in winter, we flow.  Water moves effortlessly, takes the shape of its container, and can work through obstacles with a persistent power. A balanced water element is able to move smoothly through the winter season with strength, courage, and willpower.  

There is depth, darkness, and mystery to water. When the water element is out of balance one might experience excess fear, anxieties, and lack of willpower. Fear scatters our energy and drains our life force.  Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that fear damages the kidneys, this also includes our bladder and adrenal glands. 

 “…fear sinks like water and freezes in the lower back and kidneys.”- Lorie Eve Dechar

We have been talking about numerous ways to support ourselves during the winter months. These supports will also help our emotional state. Here’s a review of foods and self care practices to help us find balance in the winter.

Foods:  Warm cooked foods, root veggies, salty brined foods, seaweed, fermented foods, legumes, whole grains, stews, soups, and broths (Limit cold /raw food).

Self Care Practices: Yoga, nature walks, mediation, journaling, reading, puzzles, oiling our skin and baths.

Rest: Remember that it’s okay to need rest. Take the opportunity to go to bed early and sleep in a bit later, waking with the sun, when you are able. Especially tune into our  meditation and Shavasana practice, since it is here we are also cultivating the practice of rest.

However, if you find yourself still out of balance this season we will go over a few more common issues, like SADs, Anxiety, and Burnout. These issues are common in winter so in the next few weeks we will explore these topics to help you to  find your way back home within yourself.