Let’s consider the cycle of the seasons as a yearly life cycle. Spring is the season of birth and childhood in this perpetual cycle of life. From seed to sapling new plants are sprouting daily, new life is all around us. In this time of rebirth and immense growth we too can have a sense of transformation. 

Let’s bring into the forefront a sense of curiosity,  exploration, and play into our daily lives to honor the child-like qualities of spring. It is very easy to lose connection to our sense of exploration as we grow. It is easy to become rigid and go on auto-pilot, especially in the repetitive nature brought on by the pandemic. Can we intentionally move into a more child-like frame of mind? 

Having a child-like curiosity means we are playing with experience, opening ourselves up to what is unknown even in the most mundane moments. We seek to meet each moment with curiosity and experience the newness each moment brings. Meditation and Savasana are designed to help us build a practice of experiencing each new moment as it is, but opening up to the unknown doesn’t have to stop there. We can explore each new moment by connecting to our senses. 

Our senses are our outlet to explore. This week our practice will focus on diving into each of our senses to experience each posture in a new way. Everyday our bodies are different then the day before. Every time we move into a posture it is different than the last time. Having a sense of exploration and play keeps us present. Our practice is a structured way to play with what is unfolding. As we move through our practice this week let us set the intention to view our yoga mat as our own personal playground.