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Jill Wiedemann

Jill (they/them) leads a bright and invigorating practice that pulls from their years practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga. They teach a breath-focused class with postures that help practitioners find balance in each unique season. Jill sends out a weekly email focusing on yoga, plants, and self-care practices as a way to find home within ourselves.

Jill has been practicing different forms of yoga since 2009, developing a deeper practice in the Ashtanga style in 2013. Jill was fortunate enough to have received a year-long apprenticeship under the guidance of Alicia Golden, Brinson Leigh Kresge, and Kyra Haigh at Ashtanga Yoga Richmond studio. During this apprenticeship, Jill learned how to teach Mysore style yoga, lessons in physical adjustment, and personalized teachings. They were also fortunate enough to visit Mysore India in 2016 and study Ashtanga Yoga there for two months. Also, in 2016 Jill received a Master in Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2018 Jill took an herbalist apprenticeship under the guidance of Suzanna Stone and is continuing to develop these skills into the present.

Yoga has been an integral part of their healing from sexual trauma. They aim to create a safe and healing environment for their students. With this goal in mind, Jill began studying the Trauma Conscience Yoga Method in 2020.

When Jill is not on the mat they can be found working in the garden, baking up a storm, or kicking back on the sofa cuddling with their three cats.


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