Spring is officially here, March 20th is the Spring Equinox. This day marks the change in season and provides an excuse to celebrate this time of growth and fertility.  Spring encourages us to shift out of a state of deep introspection of winter, taking what we have learned with us as we grow. With a solid foundation of being rooted in ourselves, we can grow and share our gifts with those around us. Spring is the season of abundance, without and within. By taking time to celebrate, we are creating space to exist with the change and create a sense of gratitude around it. 


Celebrating Spring, on the Equinox and throughout the season:

  • Nature walk: taking a walk in nature becoming observant of the stirrings of spring
  • Playing in the dirt: Taking time to observe the earth, feel it with your hands or feet. Can you spot any earthworms?  
  • Planting the seeds of intention: What do you want to grow within yourself during this cycle of rebirth? What goals and dreams are calling to you? How can you make space for them to manifest? What care do these ambitions require to grow? 
  • Planting seeds: Spring is the perfect time to start working with the earth and planting new seeds. Today is a great day to start planning out the garden and maybe plant a few early seeds that won’t mind potential frost.  Or start seedlings in pots, this allows you to bring them inside when the temperature drops in the evening. 
  • Spring cleaning: Cleaning can be an enjoyable activity, pick a manageable project (like an overstuffed closet or a section of a room) Cleaning out what is no longer needed and organizing the  space  to be more functional. Tidying up your space has a great impact on your emotional and mental health. 
  • Celebration meal: Celebrate the season by adding in the abundance of fresh spring foods. Consider making a meal that possibly incorporates asparagus, nettles, dandelion greens, eggs, baked goods or honey. 
  • Setting up an alter: This is an opportunity to celebrate abundance. Keep it simple, clear out a space in your home or outside that you can tend to. The idea here is to bring remembrance, gratitude, and life to this space. Gather up wildflowers, offering up a bit of your celebration meal, light a candle or incense. This small act is a way to acknowledge the change in season.