Ashtanga Yoga Autumn Series 

Experiencing Loss & the Connection to the Lungs

This year we have all experienced loss in some way. Loss can be one of the most challenging experiences we have to face. It leaves you with heartache and the upset can weaken the immune system. Some loss is manageable while others can feel catastrophic. When we experience deep loss, we often feel intense emotions like grief, anxiety, and anger. When these emotions show up it is important that we make room to experience them as a natural part of the healing cycle. It is important to be present and feel what arises to move through our loss. Suppressing emotions will show up as imbalances in the body. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine organs correspond with different emotional expressions. This view of the body can help us check in with our emotions and support ourselves during times of imbalance. The lungs are considered to be the seat of grief. Imbalance in the lungs show up with the following physical symptoms: shortness of breath, shallow breathing, sweating, fatigue, cough, frequent cold & flu, allergies, asthma, dry skin, depression and crying. Emotional imbalance in the lungs shows up as grief, sadness, and detachment. 

The lungs are a vital organ to our well-being; they help distribute the breath throughout the body. During times of loss and during the Autumn months it is important to take protective measures to support the lungs. 

Ways to help support our lungs:

  • Breath work: Ujjayi Breath, Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) 
  • Yoga Postures: Upward Dog, Staff Pose, Extended & Revolved Side Angle, Warriors 1 & 3, Camel, and Bridge 
  • Immune System Supports: Fire Cider, Elderberry syrup, Meditation 
  • Plant Allies: White Pine, Tulsi, Osha, Thyme, Mullein, Elecampane, Wild Cherry, Hyssop, Peppermint, Reishi, and Eucalyptus