Rest (In nature nothing blooms all year)

Winter brings an opportunity for stillness, the turning of a new year also provides space for reflection. Our culture tends to glamorize productivity. Ignoring the natural life cycle that exists within the seasons. Looking at the seasons as a life cycle Winter is the season of rest and death. 

Winter asks us to pull inward. It allows us to reflect back on all the opportunities you had to grow over the past year.  Like another ring on the tree, we too have the opportunity to witness our growth. Acknowledge what aided you in your growth, so that you can make space to give thanks. Create space to tease out old weeds, reflect on what no longer serves you, and make plans to uproot what has caused the weeds to grow. Take time to dream up the possibilities and plan for the next growth cycle. Recharge our bodies and spirits to sprout with a grounded and fertile foundation. 

The Art of Rest: let’s set the intention to find deep rest this winter here are a few ideas to help you find balance in a world that pushes for more, we are taking the season to do less. 

  • Lighting: Use candle light as the daylight dwindles, turning away from our screens earlier in the day and keeping electric light to a minimum. This will help foster your natural circadian rhythm. This can be difficult, so be gentle with yourself and try to turn away from the screens a minimum of an hour before you sleep. 
  • Journaling: Using some of the above ideas of reflection of this past year’s life cycle as a means to get the creative juices flowing, then free write dreaming up the possibilities for the future.
  • Salt Baths: These help to promote balance of minerals in the body while nourishing the kidneys. Baths promote rest and can help you ease into a deep sleep. (Remember oiling the skin before a bath is nourishing to the skin and promotes calm in the nervous system.)
  • Sleep: This is the season to go to bed earlier and to sleep in. There’s nothing indulgent about getting enough sleep. Set up the bedroom as you would an altar,  cleaning it out of clutter, minimizing activities done in this room, adding in extra blankets to make it comfy-cozy.
  • Plant Allies: Lavender, passionflower, hops, chamomile, and skullcap are great plants to help promote a restful sleep